Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WWF Raw Best Moments Pt.1

WWE Raw The Rock Vs Stone Cold Steve Aus
This was the night after Wrestlemania 17 when Triple H attack The Rock toward the end of the match and join the crew with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon after their friendship started at Wrestlemaina 17.They Friendship started when Vince McMahon interrupt the match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock going for the world wrestling federation championship then Vince handed Stone Cold a chair and Stone Cold began hiting The Rock with it.Stone Cold won the match,after that Stone Cold and Vince became friends.

        WWF Raw 1/1/2001


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Years of Watching Wrestling and Thoughts

Whats up everybody,this article is about Wrestling Moments when i use to watch wrestling around 2000 till 2005.Some people might find it hard to believe because the way i look but yeah i use to like wrestling.The First time i started i was playing wrestling video games and like the game.Then i wonder how i would like it if i actually watch it.I started to watch it and i was really interest then i keep watching.I use to hate to miss a show.If i did miss a show it would have to be SmackDown instead of Raw because i notice that all the crazy stuff use to happen on Raw Is War.Smackdown is where the fun was at,so i prefer not to miss either of those.One of my favorite Wrestlers was Stone Cold because he just didn't care. He just did what he won't as far as punching people and stunning people.You minus well say he fight instead of wrestle.I miss when he stop wrestling.Another one is The Rock because on top of his game,he wrestle a good match every time he step in the ring.He made his mark in the WWF which is called WWe now.People use to always tell me that wrestling is fake and i always knew that it was real in certain ways.I liked the entertainment they put on far fans.I Lost interest of it now because it seem like its change since i watch.To me it seem more fake than it is was back then.Another was Ric flair because he put on a show.Never gave up ,always stayed focus u can see it in his eyes.He was the 16th time champion.U could tell he loved what he do.Shawn Micheal's was like that to .He is a bright wrestler.He still till this day.Leave a comment about what i think about this article.I have one of my favorite on this blog below check it out.Tell me what is one of your favorite matches.If u a youtube user show me what is your favorite match.Everybody take it easy .